Churro Cart

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Churros are a great Spanish dessert and they are very easy (and cheap) to make. The basic recipe is just flour and water, other slightly more exotic recipes can be found on line. Churros are a very popular in Spain and South America and they will be a big hit over here. Huge profits to be made from such a simple desert.

These carts are very eye catching and with such a small foot print they will fit in most venues. Running off gas they are very mobile, and the cart is very light weight for moving. Why not add LED’s and make it really stand out.

The cart is protected on three sides with toughened glass and has lots of room on the outside for branding. Two pneumatic tyres and large handle make it easy to move. The top is stainless steel and comes complete with burner and frying bowl, Churro dispenser and Injector. We also have a double cart with extra space on top and two injectors.

The injectors are normally filled with Jam, Chocolate or Custard and make a great filling for the Churro.

Churros can also just be sprinkled with sugar. Easy to serve in a paper bag or with a napkin. A sugar tray is also provided.

There’s lots of info on the web on how to make Churros if you haven’t made them before so why not take a look.

We have two carts. The one shown is the smaller single injector cart. Please call for more info on the double cart with two injectors. The double cart gives you more space more storage and more choice with the two injectors, which means more income, so if you have the space it’s the one to go for.

Specification Single Cart
Double Cart
Stainless 430   
Stainless 430
Wheels Pneumatic Pneumatic
Weight 45 kg 54kg
Width 500 mm 510 mm
Length 760 mm 1000 mm
Height 1900 mm 1950 mm
Table height 580 mm 580 mm




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