Hotdogs & Burgers

Our new Hotdog and Burger carts are very popular and sell out very fast. If you are looking to start this summer, then don’t hang about!

This is a very versatile cart and comprises of a Griddle, Bain Marie, Fryer and extra topping dishes and a canopy or umbrella.

The carts come in three sizes:

Small 100 X 70 X 90 CM

       Medium 120 X 70 X 90 CM

       Large 145 X 70 X 90 CM

The carts all have the same basic equipment, but size varies. The extra space on the larger carts gives more work and storage space. The large cart has the additional shelf and serving top which makes it perfect for larger events. 

The carts start at £1800 - £2200

More photos to follow very soon.



UK 24h ans 0161 4089596
please leave a message if no answer and we will get back to you asap
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