Build your own

We can provide a full build your own kit, Including all the parts cut and shaped ready for welding and painting. For the more competent  DIY builder who wants the freedom and satisfaction of building their own bike or trike, without the need to buy all the expensive cutting and folding tools. 


Complete "Bike to Cargo bike" conversion

We can convert any steel framed bike to a cargo bike. We have several designs to chose from and can even make it electrical assist. Any old steel bike can be converted as long as the frame isn't too rusty.


Purpose built business bike

Cargo bikes can make a great stand alone business, perfect for street sales or as an advertising tool for your existing business. 


Spare parts and accessories

At Eurocarts we don't believe in waste. From the 100's or retro and modern bikes we get in, if a part can be salvaged then we keep it, repair or restore, and make sure it works. all these parts are available at a great price or free with the Wigan Cycle Project