Wigan Cycle Project will take any scrap or unwanted bike regardless of the condition...

...and turn it into something special to get people riding again...

...Sadly some of the bikes are just beyond repair. If this is the case we will remove and refurbish any useful parts and recycle all the other parts.

Wigan Cycle Project is here to get people out on their bikes along with reducing waste and CO2 emissions by recycling old and unwanted bikes .

Cycling is great for keeping fit, reducing traffic and pollution and is a great way to relax and reduce mental fatigue. We have a range of refurbished bikes from just £20 and some bikes and parts are even free ( a donation will help keep the project going but no pressure if times are hard, we just want you out riding)

"Cycling to work is amazing. I know from experience. I'm not asking people to sell the car and cycle to work everyday, but on the nice days, give it a try. I started a few years back and I feel great. It was hard at first, but I just took my time, had a rest when needed and enjoyed the down hill sections. I live in Ashton-in-Makerfield and work in Hindley, so locals will know the Ram brew is a bit of a hill but the more you cycle the fitter and stronger you get and I was soon flying up there on my old single speed bike without hardly getting out of breath. I much prefer going to work on the bike, I feel better, less stressed and I have more energy when I'm there. I love the ride home even more. Why not give it a try?"

Cycle and recycle - the future depends on it...

We have big plans for the cycle project (or re-cycle project) and it involves lot's more than just bikes. This 'throw away' society we live in has to change. 'Up cycling' is the new term for it, for your grandparents it was just 'fixing' something that had broke. A lot of 'fix it' skills have been lost but we want to bring them back, and not just  fixing and servicing bikes, at the cycle project we want to give you the skills to take on the jobs that you may not have the confidence to take on at the moment. We will be working closely with local businesses and skilled individuals to offer a range of fix it course and information sessions. Here are just a few we have planned;

  • Bicycle maintenance and roadside repair
  • Small engine maintenance and repair
  • Car maintenance and checks (women only session available)
  • Up cycling, woodwork and painting
  • PC building and upgrading

If your interested in any of the above courses please let us know on the form below, put down as many courses as you like! When we have enough interest we'll put some dates together.